"You get what you pay for" . . .

A simple cliche that holds true in every industry, business, or product. It's purely economics.

If you sell a product for cheap, your parts or ingredients to make that product are cheap, as well.

At Empire Pizza, we sell our product using only the finest and freshest ingredients.
There are three main components to pizza:

1.) Dough- our dough is made fresh daily, allowed to rise properly, and hand- stretched for a finished crust that is crispy, lightly-charred on the bottom and airy with tiny bubbles on the interior. NY style thin or Sicilian style thick, you'll even want to eat the "pizza bones"!

2.) Sauce- a blend of fresh-packed, in season, tomato products mixed with select spices and 100% extra virgin olive oil. NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.

3.) Cheese- we only use high-end, hand-shredded mozzarella on all our pizzas.

4.) Our meat toppings are cooked on premise and hand cut. Our vegetables are purchased 2-3 times a week from the Rochester Public Market and sliced fresh daily.

Empire Pizza will always strive to produce the finest pizza in the area. Come in and experience true NY style pizza in our clean and friendly shop.

Our Location

Sunrise Plaza 1778 Empire blvd.

585 347-4050
Webster, NY

Dinning Room

Pizza by the slice all day

Delivery within 5 miles (charge of $2.00)



Tuesday - Sunday 11 - 8

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